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2017 Angels prospect rankings: Full list and vote reveal!

How did each of our writers vote?

College World Series - Virginia v Vanderbilt - Game Three
This is how excited you are to find out, hopefully.
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Here’s what we’ve gone over thus far: Introduction | Notables | 21-25 | 16-20 | 11-15 | 6-10 | 1-5.

Over the past month or so, we at Halos Heaven have been putting together our prospect rankings and analysis, both to create a resource that others can use and to better understand the players that are in the farm system. Now that we have finished, it’s time for us writers to take a step back and pat ourselves on the back for what we’ve assembled. And with that small note, take a look at the full list of our prospect rankings.

Pay careful attention to the prospects themselves but also the point differentials between them, as this tells you what we collectively make of a certain player. Keep in mind that 350 is the maximum amount of points a prospect can garner, based on the number and quality of votes he received.

2017 Angels prospect rankings: Full list

Pick # Prospect Points
Pick # Prospect Points
1 Jahmai Jones 340
2 Matt Thaiss 315
3 Brandon Marsh 275
4 Alex Meyer 239
5 Nate Smith 172
6 Keynan Middleton 160
7 Taylor Ward 158
8 Grayson Long 150
T-9 Chris Rodriguez 135
T-9 Jaime Barria 135
11 Vicente Campos 131
12 David Fletcher 113
13 Nonie Williams 101
14 Michael Hermosillo 89
15 Jesus Castillo 62
16 Cole Duensing 56
17 Troy Scribner 51
18 Jordan Kipper 47
19 Jose Rodriguez 42
20 Leonardo Rivas 32
21 Elvin Rodriguez 30
22 Andrew Daniel 25
T-23 Connor Justus 23
T-23 Brooks Pounders 23
25 Troy Montgomery 22

One small wrinkle here: Josh accidentally voted for Brandon Marsh twice, but by the time the error was caught we had already published numerous articles in the series already. We decided to keep everything as is, and we simply omitted those points. To our knowledge, all other votes are accurate.

Again, a 1st-5th place vote is 50-45-40-35-30 points, 6th-10th is 28-26-24-22-20 points, and 11th-25th place is 15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points.

2017 Angels prospect rankings: Vote reveal

Prospect # Carlos Chase Jessica Josh Rahul Turks Teeth rghan
Prospect # Carlos Chase Jessica Josh Rahul Turks Teeth rghan
1 Jahmai Jones Jahmai Jones Jahmai Jones Matt Thaiss Matt Thaiss Jahmai Jones Jahmai Jones
2 Matt Thaiss Matt Thaiss Matt Thaiss Jahmai Jones Jahmai Jones Matt Thaiss Alex Meyer
3 Brandon Marsh Brandon Marsh Taylor Ward Brandon Marsh Brandon Marsh Brandon Marsh Brandon Marsh
4 Alex Meyer Alex Meyer Brandon Marsh Jaime Barria Alex Meyer Alex Meyer Matt Thaiss
5 Vicente Campos Jaime Barria Alex Meyer Brandon Marsh Taylor Ward Nate Smith Keynan Middleton
6 Grayson Long Chris Rodriguez Nate Smith Nonie Williams Nate Smith Grayson Long Nate Smith
7 David Fletcher Keynan Middleton Keynan Middleton Taylor Ward Keynan Middleton Vicente Campos Jesus Castillo
8 Taylor Ward Nate Smith Nonie Williams Alex Meyer Chris Rodriguez David Fletcher Chris Rodriguez
9 Keynan Middleton Grayson Long Grayson Long Chris Rodriguez Grayson Long Chris Rodriguez Leonardo Rivas
10 Nate Smith Michael Hermosillo Michael Hermosillo Grayson Long Michael Hermosillo Michael Hermosillo Vicente Campos
11 Chris Rodriguez Vincente Campos Jaime Barria Keynan Middleton David Fletcher Keynan Middleton Kevin Grendell
12 Jaime Barria David Fletcher Vicente Campos Nate Smith Jaime Barria Taylor Ward Jaime Barria
13 Troy Scribner Taylor Ward David Fletcher Vicente Campos Vicente Campos Jaime Barria Sherman Johnson
14 Nonie Williams Nonie Williams Troy Scribner Connor Justus Cole Duensing Andrew Daniel Elvin Rodriguez
15 Andrew Daniel Jose Rodriguez Connor Justus David Fletcher Brooks Pounders Nonie Williams Taylor Ward
16 Jose Rodriguez Jesus Castillo Cole Duensing Cole Duensing Nonie Williams Jose Rodriguez David Fletcher
17 Jesus Castillo Jordan Kipper Brooks Pounders Michael Hermosillo Troy Scribner Leonardo Rivas Jose Rodriguez
18 Cole Duensing Eduardo Paredes Jordan Kipper Jordan Kipper Jordan Kipper Elvin Rodriguez Grayson Long
19 Jordan Kipper Cole Duensing Alex Blackford Troy Scribner Osmer Morales Jordan Kipper Cole Duensing
20 Jose Suarez Jose Suarez Jesus Castillo Joe Gatto Elvin Rodriguez Jesus Castillo Luis Pena
21 Troy Montgomery Troy Scribner Joe Gatto Jose Suarez Jesus Castillo Troy Scribner Jared Foster
22 Elvin Rodriguez Troy Montgomery Troy Montgomery Troy Montgomery Luis Pena Jose Suarez Nonie Williams
23 Luis Pena Brooks Pounders Brendon Sanger Luis Pena Joe Gatto Luis Pena Eduardo Paredes
24 Brendon Sanger Jared Foster Julio Garcia Andrew Daniel Troy Montgomery Cole Duensing Troy Montgomery
25 Eduardo Paredes Kevin Grendell Brennon Lund Leonardo Rivas Brendon Sanger Troy Montgomery Hutton Moyer

Not to brag on behalf of my fellow writers, but the similarities of the top 10s to that of other major publications (Baseball America, ESPN’s Keith Law, John Sickels of Minor League Ball) have been pretty striking but we’ll keep this conversation towards our voting.

Overall, the Angels system is still a bottom-5 one in the league. However, the influx of multiple high-ceiling prospects along with players that took steps forward this year make this system an intriguing one, with sleepers abound. The Angels have all of their draft picks (including a top 10 this June), the ability to get back into the international talent pool, new leadership in player development, and a new scouting director. Due to a lack of impact talent, the Angels aren’t in great standing at this very moment but there is hope on the horizon and the days of “worst farm system ever” are firmly in the rearview mirror. Eppler is building a house out of paper clips but it’s going to take time and patience before it all comes together. But he definitely has a plan, and the improved depth shows that.

As for our voting, did we get the players on the list right? Are there any egregious voting mistakes or spot-on voting successes? Which is your favorite ballot or what would your top 10 or top 25 look like? Let us know in the comments below.