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Eric Young, Jr. gives Angels walk-off win, as 1000s of Yankees fans pour out of Big A sobbing

The Angels hung tough, and thanks to a game-tying homer and walk-off from EYJr.

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Angels 3 Yankees 2

The Angels got beat last night by the freakin’ Yankees. That one dude, the tall one, hit a home run, too, to make things worse. The Big A, filled wall to wall (at least that’s how it seemed in my head) with really annoying, shitbird baseball fans, who also happen to like the Yankees, erupted in a joyous celebration that would have started a crap-we-should-call-the-National-Guard type situation in just about any other stadium, but in Anaheim, we just tried our best to hide our embarrassment, and swallowed our feelings of shame and inferiority, where they’ll never be brought up again.

At least that’s the impression that I get when I see such an infuriating video clip as what’s presented below:

Yeah, that’s what happened in OUR turf last night. This stuff needs to be stopped; the Yankees, and their marauding fanbase, need to be stopped. At the very least, the Angels had to get a win back in tonight’s game, but that would prove to be easier said than done. Ain’t they all easier said than done, though?

Tonight, there would be a tad less action, controversy and any other emotion you felt pulse through your dome last night, mainly because you had two big dudes on the bump who have no problems getting into starting pitching showdowns: J.C Ramirez and C.C. Sabathia.

Ramirez definitely got the best of Sabathia tonight, so that’s the first big blow landed to the stupid chins of all that is Yankees. Sabathia only made it 4.0 IP, but he struck out four and only gave up three hits. He allowed a run, though, off of a C.J. Cron RBI single in the 4th, which at the time tied the game up at 1-1.

Oh, let me remind a bit on that 1-1 score. Cron tied it up after being down 1-0, thanks to a lone run off of a Brett Gardner RBI single in the 5th. Ramirez out-lasted Sabathia though, so he had that edge; in fact, in Ramirez’s 6.2 IP, he had a career-high number of pitches thrown (111), while also only allowing 5 H/ 2 R/ 2 ER/ 3 BB/ 7 K.

Yep, as you can see, Ramirez would eventually give up one more to the Yankees, this time thanks to a Chase Headley homer in the 7th. Ramirez would get a couple more Yanks on after that dinger, down 2-1 now, and that’d make the Angels’ staff worried enough to yank him. Luckily, they would get out of that inning, as well as a few other tight jams in this game.

This Yankees lineup can rake at times, so I give a tip of the cap to Ramirez for a nice effort out there this evening against a good team. They may have been down 2-1, but the Halos were still fighting. Of course, a few different times saw them fight till they got guys in scoring position, only to beef it and end an inning. In this close, close game, the 1-5 with runners in scoring position is one of those things that will just repeatedly break your heart, and your will.

What is one thing that can empower, embolden and embadass (that’s a word, right?) a team, almost immediately, despite some RISP troubles, in a 2-1 game? A home run, that’s what. Eric Young, Jr delivered once again in dramatic fashion, acting as the spark plug we all hoped he would be, and sent a Tyler Clippard pitch into the right field bleachers.

This describes the moment perfectly:

We had ourselves a 2-2 ballgame all of a sudden, thanks to the guy with one of the best, most uplifting stories in all of baseball, and we can’t even be surprised at this point. EYJr is magic, people. Just accept it. With both bullpens settling in, we’d eventually get to the ninth inning.

The Halos cruised through the top of the 9th, and then in the bottom of the 9th, they put guys on second and third (Andrelton Simmons single, his second hit of the night, and a Martin Maldonado double, who also had a 2-4 night...who are these guys? Defensive wizards with some bat to match??!?! Ok, I digress.) only to not get anything out of it, no walk off, thanks to Cliff Pennington popping up.

Oh, and in the 10th, the Angels got a 1-2-3 from Mike Morin in the top, but in the bottom they were in repeat Buttercup mode. They got the first two batters on, thanks to an EYJr walk and a Cameron Maybin single, only to waste those opportunities by Calhoun K, Pujols pop up and Yunel Escobar ground out.

“It’s going to be 2-2 forever” said my brain said during the 11th, but then I told him to shut up!

Of course, right when I said that to myself, the Yankees had gotten two men on (2nd & 3rd) against Morin, with just one out. Then, Headley was walked and the bases were loaded. With the fate of the world, and the hurt feelings of the front-running loan officers wearing pinstripes in the stands, on the line, Morin was replaced by the rising rookie Keynan Middleton.

That’s a high pressure situation, but Middleton lives for those types of situations. On his first pitch, he got an infield fly; two down. Then, after that...he induced ANOTHER pop up. That’s the way you do it, Mr. Middleton. This kid is going places.

Meanwhile, we get to the bottom of the 11th, and with Simmons on third, two down, Eric Young Jr. played the hero for the second time in the evening, this time by getting his first ever walk-off hit with the Angels. It was a scorching liner right to the ass of the Yankees’ reliever Ben Heller, which made the ball ricochet to where no Yankee could get it, giving plenty of time for Simba to score and that was ball game.

Eric Young, Jr tapped that ass and the Halos won, while Middleton looked siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick and J.C. Ramirez set another career milestone in his young starter career. This team is continuing to win, or at least stay in games, against some good competition. Without Mike Trout, too. What is happening?!?!

Regardless, way to take back your turf, boys. Send those NY transplants and baseball kooks home all bummed out, and make the Big A scream it’s Angels pride loud and clear. They took a hit last night, but the Halos reacted in the perfect fashion this evening; they hit those Yankees right in the gob with a brutal right cross. That’ll teach them to get too cocky in our house.

Team of Destiny doesn’t play games, yo.