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Halos draft update: Jordon Adell officially signs, 2016 2nd rounder Brandon Marsh headed to Orem, & more

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The draft is over, as you are probably already know, and now it’s time for the business side of things; it’s time for every club to talk money with their newly-drafted prospects and their managers and/or handlers, in hopes to reach a deal and make the MLB dream for these youngsters become official.

For the Halos, the most important thing on their minds was, of course, inking a deal with the guy they took in the 1st round, #10 overall, high school OF Jordon Adell. The good news is that it didn’t take that long at all to suss out the details of how much fetty Adell is going to haul in, as we began to see some rumors going around that Adell was on the verge of signing a slot deal with the Halos.

This afternoon, however, it’s been confirmed by Baseball America prospect hound (and former Halos Heaven member, if I remember correctly) Hudson Belinsky. Adell has passed his physical and it appears that slot deal is for real.

This has since been confirmed by Jeff Fletcher of the OC Register, so we can all rest easy knowing that the Angels got their guy.

The Halos also seem to be confident that they’ll be able to sign 4th round pick, high school pitcher John Swanda.

In other signing news, they inked a deal with their 19th rounder, Isaac Mattson, as well. Signings galore, what a beautiful time of year.

Of course, sometimes these draft picks don’t sign. They may decide to head to college, if they’re high schoolers, or if they’re already college level, maybe they just say “whatevs” and head back to their university. Nothing is a sure thing, and we learned as much last year, when the Halos’ 2nd round pick, Brandon Marsh, balked at signing with the team that drafted him.

In the end, he was signed, though, and we’d eventually learn that it was some drama during a trip out to Anaheim, pertaining to some iffy x-rays that showed some back issues, that made the Angels and Marsh on different pages for awhile. In mid-July, he would sign on the dotted line, however, and we were all excited to see what this kid could do.

Due to those medical questions, he has been moved along slowly, but today, there was word breaking that Marsh was headed to Orem for some of that tasty, hitter-friendly Pioneer League action.


Ok, so the source here is Marsh’s mom’s Facebook page, and nobody else has announced this so far but Halos Heaven, but I trust moms. Moms don’t lie. We’ve gotten only slivers of updates on Marsh’s progress in Arizona league play, but it was only a matter of time til the Angels would send this athletic, biscuit hitting stud with god tier hair to Orem to see what he can really do.

I can’t wait to see some regular news about this kid.