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Ricky Nolasco gives up homers and the Angels lose, which I think has happened before

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Los Angeles Angels Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 2 Royals 7

Last night, I got to attend an Angels game with HH’s very own Jeff Joiner. That dude is cool, as some of you have already found out in person, but he’s especially cool to me because the game he invited me to ended up being one of the best games I’ve been to in YEARS. Yep, it was an amazing night at the Big A.

Tonight was the opposite.

Long story short, the Royals beat up on Ricky Nolasco and the Halos in the series opener, thanks to Nolasco giving up a couple dingers as well as letting Alex Gordon nearly hit for the cycle. Meanwhile, the Angels got six total hits and two runs, off of some hits from Yunel Escobar and Albert Pujols.


The Angels got the snot knocked out of them tonight, and they’re back at .500 now. They can’t all be memorable, electric, action-packed nights at the ballpark, I guess. I’m going to forget this game happened, and think about last night’s game.

Oh, speaking of that, check this out. So Jeff and I get to our section, take our seats and within a minute of the first pitch, this loud, obnoxious Yankees fan is yelling after every play and he was screaming “LETS GO YANK-EES” whenever he wasn’t yelling about plays. I thought to myself “This dude is going to make tonight a living hell.”

It didn’t help that the Yankees got up 4-0 in the first, which had him jumping up and down, thumping his chest, the whole nine douche yards. The Angels fans in section 346 were screwed, we all knew we were heading for certain doom, no chance of hope. Then, the Angels started coming back, but more importantly...a hero Angels fan arrived.

This guy, who was about 24-ish, give or take a year, was there with a buddy and an older dude (dad to one of those dudes, I assumed), and he was a little put it very, very mildly. He was definitely having a good time, and therefore he gave no effs whatsoever, and when the Angels started their comeback, he began to get rowdy to the obnoxious Yankees dork...who happened to be sitting directly behind the young guy.

Yep, those two were right by each other, and our young Halos hero was giving that Skanks bro the biggest taste of his own medicine possible. I felt saved; we weren’t going to take that New York trash talk all night long. This drunk guy was going to defend us, and those two got into a gigantic, back and forth shit talk battle for the ages. Our guy eventually won and drunkenly shouted the Yankees dork into submission.

Wherever that Angels fan is right now, know that I appreciate what you did for me, for all of us in 346. You were the hero we needed. I’ll never forget you.