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Brandon Marsh has landed with a boom in Orem

Marsh has torn up the Pioneer League in this first 3 games

Talk about a small sample size - amirite?? But Brandon Marsh skipped over the Arizona League and landed in Orem this past week despite not playing ANY baseball last summer due to injury.

Essentially, Marsh skipped over a year of development but he was working out hard in Tempe this spring. It’s pretty early in the season and I’ll have a full minor league report later next week, but Marsh has exploded on to the scene in Orem, Utah.

In 3 games, Marsh has gone 8 for 15 with a walk, a homerun, and a stolen base. Just to show he’s not all offense, he also already has 2 outfield assists while playing center field. Geesh. Could you slow down a bit Marsh? It’s just rookie ball so you don’t want to get us to excited.

Marsh is 4th in the Pioneer league in batting average and one thing is for sure - it’s great to have rookie ball back! The return of baseball in Orem and Tempe (tomorrow), means we get to start tracking the potential stars of tomorrow - including the recent 2017 draftees.