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The 2017 Halos Heaven Big A Takeover

Halos Heaven is having an epic shindig at the Big A, OMG.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Halos Heaven is THE best Angels fan community in the universe, but the majority of our fellowship happens within these cold, cyber confines; that’s where most of our raucous and rabid brand of Halos fandom unfolds in a way that probably seems insane to outsiders...a reaction that we wear as a badge of honor, naturally.

There have been times, though, where we all venture out into the material world, places like the Big A or Sin City, to meet one another face to face. Those are the times that solidify our Halos Heaven friendships, those are the times when real, heartfelt, lifelong memories are made, and those are the times when someone wears a diaper.

Yep... those crazy Halos Heaven Meetups. You’ve probably been to one, and had a blast, or you’ve heard stories about them, and have been dying to go to one. The only problem being, of course, that there needs to be a meetup to go to in the first place. It’s been awhile since we had a legit, all-out throwdown (the sparsely attended All Star week in 2015 being the last), and I’ve desperately wanted to rectify that situation for some time now.

Well, to quote Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park, “Hold on to your butts.

Thanks to some brainstorming with my old masthead mate, Blast21Dave, I can proudly announce that Halos Heaven has a siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick meetup on tap for you guys, and I’m so excited to share the deets that I had to get a post up about it ASAP.

The 2017 Halos Heaven Big A Takeover

On 8/26/2017, Vladimir Guerrero will be inducted into the Angels Hall of Fame in a pregame ceremony before the Angels take on the Houston Astros. Halos Heaven has a block of sweet tix in section F109. The plan is, of course, to meet up and enjoy not only a nice, Saturday night baseball game at Angels Stadium together, but to see our main man Vlady get honored.

First, though, we’re going to takeover Golden Road Brewery for some pre-game festivities and merry making. Then, we’ll go over to the Big A, get settled in and watch the proceedings and, hopefully, a Halos win over Houston.

Now, the first thing you’ll want to do is reserve your ticket to this least if you want to sit with all the Halos Heaven crazies. To do that, you’re going to hit up . First come, first serve, but nobody get stingy. You can call dibs on a max of 4 tickets. We want the most Halos Heaven peeps as possible to have the opportunity to go, and the tickets are of limited supply, of course.

Once again, it’s on Saturday night, August 26th, 2017. Our tickets are in Section F109, and they’ll be $60 a piece, plus $1 shipping. You’ll contact Blast21Dave at HHmeetup2017@ gmail .com , give him your Halos Heaven screen name, and then let him know how many you’d like to reserve. He’ll take it from there.

We’ll be meeting up at Golden Road Brewery a couple hours before the 6:00 PM game time (the exact time we’ll convene at the pre-game spot will be sussed out when we’re closer to the event), and after that, it’s over to the stadium. Transportation, food and beverage, just like the probable run-ins we’ll have that night with local law enforcement, are everybody for themselves. But make no mistake; this is going to be epic.

We’ve got a ways to go until that day will be upon us, and I’ll for sure be bringing it up again, and again, but consider this the big, official announcement that something rad is coming; you’ve all been put on party notice. For the out of towners...I feel you!...but hey, maybe you’re due for a vacay out to the coast in a couple months, anyway, right?

Hope to see as many of you as I can, it’s going to be a good night, for sure. Got any other questions, then hit me up or hit up Dave at the email from above, or leave a comment below.