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An Appreciation of Mike Trout

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A (semi-serious) list containing the reasons I watch Mike Trout.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Tampa Bay Rays
He’s awesome.
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

I was going to write a serious piece about the joys of watching Mike Trout, but then I couldn’t find the proper words to describe them because he’s just so damn good. So I started writing a non-serious article, but then I couldn’t do that either. I tried a serious list, and I ended up with this: entitled “Why Mike Trout Warms My Heart.”

1: Opening BBRef at least once a day. There’s a lot of black and a lot of italics. This year, he doesn’t have enough AB to qualify, but he should by the end of the year.

2: That damned smile.

3: The way he works counts and spoils pitches outside...

4: So he can do this to the best pitcher in the AL.

5: Genuine love of the game.

6: The way he interacts with the young fans of the game. We’ve all heard the stories of Trout giving away merchandise, Trout taking pictures, Trout signing autographs...almost to the point where I wish I was still a little kid.

7: The weather. When you have stuff like this, who can really doubt that you’re a true fan of the weather?

8: How he owns Felix Hernandez. In 79 career AB, Trout has 7 HR and is slashing .367/.409/.734/1.143. Wow.

9: The way he comes up with something like this on the fly (although the slide may now worry some people).

10: He never complains about his teammates, no matter how like Raul Ibanez Taylor Featherston Matt Joyce Danny Espinosa Luis Valbuena not-Mike Trout they are...

11: In fact, he even supports his teammates, coming out to the dugout in hopes that he could watch Pujols’s 600 HR live...

12: Although if opponents show the Halos up, he will arrow you.

13: His swing is so level and beautiful, and he doesn’t feel the need to uppercut, the way it’s been invading baseball in recent years.

14: The line drive homers that go straight out...

15: To all fields.

16: The way he never argues with any umpires, just smiles that smile of his and walks back to the dugout after a bad call...

17: Which is representative of his personality. You may not hear a lot about Trout, but that just means you don’t hear anything negative about Trout.

18: The fact that he’s getting better (and no one’s noticing but Josh Mayhood).

19: The catches (Seattle at home, Baltimore away).

20: All the other catches that dull in comparison to those two but are equally astounding on their own.

21: How he always kills it on the special days (Mother’s Day, his own birthday, etc.)

22: It makes me happy that East Coasters don’t appreciate him. Almost as if we’re the only ones who truly know Trout’s worth. And someday, we’ll win a WS, and we’ll know he could’ve had 10. He’s our gem.

7:07 PM tonight, folks. Jacob Faria is in for a surprise. I can’t wait.