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With yesterday’s big moves, Las Vegas suddenly likes the Angels odds of winning a World Series this October

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Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

What a difference a day can make. Yesterday, the Halosphere was still full of playoff hopes, but we saw a very tough, unpredictable road ahead that could really lead anywhere...whether it be to playoff glory or Bustville. Today, though, there’s something in the air, a vibe that’s permeating all of our collective fan consciousness. That’s because today, the Angels are true contenders and a new force to be reckoned with in the crazy Wild Card race.

Days like 8/31/2017 don’t come all that often; my head is still somewhat foggy and punch-drunk, but however woozy I got from keeping up with Billy Eppler and his acquisition of Brandon Phillips and Justin Upton, it is well worth it because this team is now loaded up and fit for battle. The Halos, and Mike Trout, have a new friend in left field, and Phillips is going to be a viable, and veteran, presence in the infield. This Halos team was already the Team of Destiny in our eyes, though, but moves like we saw yesterday made the rest of the baseball world stand up and take notice.

Las Vegas sports books also took notice. Check out how much the Angels jumped up in the World series odds:

Odds to win the 2017 World Series

Team 08/01/2017 Odds Current Odds 09/01/2017
Team 08/01/2017 Odds Current Odds 09/01/2017
Dodgers 11/4 11/5
Astros 9/1 5/1
Indians 8/1 13/2
Red Sox 15/2 7/1
Cubs 7/1 15/2
Nationals 7/1 15/2
Yankees 9/1 14/1
Diamondbacks 25/1 33/1
Rockies 33/1 40/1
Angels 150/1 40/1
Orioles 150/1 50/1
Twins 75/1 50/1
Royals 25/1 66/1
Brewers 50/1 66/1
Mariners 66/1 66/1
Rangers 150/1 66/1
Cardinals 66/1 75/1
Rays 66/1 100/1
Marlins 500/1 150/1
Braves 200/1 off the board
White Sox off the board off the board
Reds off the board off the board
Rest of teams Nobody cares blah

Yes, the Angels went from 150/1 to 40/1 in a matter of a few hours, and all of a sudden the ToD gets some recognition from the guys who make a living off of noticing ToDs. This is it. The big time. The Halos are all in on this year, and believe they have something special in the core group of dudes we’ve seen fighting for every win until the last out all season long; the front office knew they just needed a few extra chips in their stack before they could confidently push them all to the center of the table.

All the other teams, division leaders and Wild Card are on notice. The 2017 Angels have come to play, and they have the firepower and the mojo to pull off something special and spectacular. Anybody that stands in their way...well...they are in for a surprise.

The rest of the season, and the rest of our Angels fan lives, starts tonight. Let’s do this.