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Mike Trout finishes 2nd in AL MVP Race

7 years - 6 top 2 finishes

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout is good. Real good. But this year, BBWAA voters decided he was not as valuable as Mookie Betts. You could make many argument that Trout was indeed better than Betts, but there is also no doubt that Betts DID have a great season.

Trout has been eligible for MVP the past 7 years and he has finished top 2 EVERY YEAR except for his shortened 2017 season when he placed a respectable 4th.

Trout led the league in walks (122), OBP (.460), OPS (1.088), wRC+ (191), and OPS+ (199). He has already won the award TWICE and this year he had his best stats yet. Sadly it was not his 3rd MVP, but he did put up significantly better numbers than the last two times he won.

Here’s how he stacked up against his competitors:

Mike Trout is the MVP in our hearts, and it’s truly a pleasure that we get to watch him play on a regular basis. Before I give you the final vote totals, MLB Network did a fun montage of Mike Trout at previous MVP awards.

Here’s how the voting shaped up: