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HH Contest: Predict the Skipper!!

Take your best shot at the LAA managerial future. Opening Day 2019 is the prize!

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Do we need a contest for 2 Opening Day tickets? Why, yes. Yes we do!!

I’m thinking the reader who hits the 3 right picks wins. And I am totally fine with nobody winning. Cheaper for me, or I can save the tickets for another contest.

What tickets? I’m gad you asked. I will award 2 field-level Opening Day tickets PLUS parking for the 2019 season to the person we agree is the winner. If you do not live local, we can work out something of equivalent value. For example, maybe you wish to sell them on Stub Hub and keep the money. Or maybe we pick another Opening Day closer to where you live. You, the winner, and I will work it out..........

Here is how to play:

(1) Send me an email with your picks. My email is found at my profile. It works perfectly. Please use the following text for the subject line (no quotes): “2019 Opening Day Manager Contest”. This will let me create a rule so that entries get pushed into a separate folder. My personal mailbox will remain usable. Good for me.

(2) Then come back here and post a comment certifying that you sent your pick. We don’t need to see your actual picks here. I want everybody to play. I’d hate for somebody to sit on the sidelines because they think their choices have been taken, and miss out on the tiebreaker.

I will tabulate the entries and give you all some charts as to what folks are thinking. It should be fun!

Here are the selections you must make to enter:

(A) Name the guy who will be the LAA manager when Pitchers and Catchers report in 2019.....

(B) Name the date of the formal press release announcing the decision (not Ken Rosenthal).....

(C) Name the destination for Mike Scioscia in 2019. I don’t care what position with that team, just what team. If no team, say that.

UPDATE: Those of you submitting things such as “Sosh doesn’t manage next year” and “Retired from baseball (for now)” are getting assigned “No Team”.

If more than one person gets them all right I award the tickets to the person who submitted earliest. That means, even if the same minute of the same day, the person whose comment shows up below first, wins. That’s the only tie breaker.

Here is how I am going to cut this off. I will accept entries all the way up to midnight the day BEFORE any formal announcement concerning Sosh OR the new LAA manager. For example, if the Angels issue a formal press release about a new skipper on a Tuesday, even if we still have not had any new word concerning Sosh, all entries up until midnight on Monday the day prior will be valid. ALL ENTRIES MADE ON THE SAME DAY, OR LATER, WILL BE VOID. Further, I will cut off the wait concerning Sosh as of 12:01 AM February 1st, 2019. If Sosh has not announced a new career choice by that time, the default choice will be “No Team”. Even if an announcement is made that day. I hope this makes sense.

Yes, since this is coming from me, personally, masthead members are eligible. The two people who are disqualified from participating would be Billy Eppler, and me. Because Billy and me, well, we are practically peers. Everybody else in the pool!

Good luck!