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Angels claim catcher Kevan Smith off waivers from White Sox, DFA Joe Hudson

Add a catcher, subtract a catcher.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

In the hubbub of the World Series, the Angels have hired their manager and now, they have claimed a player, too. That player is none other than Kevan Smith, a 30-year old catcher formerly of the Chicago White Sox.

In 52 games and 187 plate appearances with the White Sox, Smith showed an ability to make contact, translating this into a nice batting average. He slashed .292/.348/.380 with three home runs, good for a 104 wRC+.

Baseball Prospectus

Smith has historically rated as a below average defender, though his framing has improved the past two seasons, resulting in a neutral defensive production at the major-league level this year.

Smith is expected to undergo surgery for a sprained ankle this offseason.

Hudson, 27, has not had an extended opportunity to prove himself at the MLB level.

This adds a catcher with recent success to the roster, important since Briceño is still a developing player and Arcia’s future with the organization may be in question.