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Favorite ballpark you have visited

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

It is the cold of winter. Well, maybe not in Southern California, but in most places where the seasons exist, it is that time of year. Anyway, the baseball field lies dormant, whether under a field of snow or low 60 degree skies, while baseball fans await Spring and the return of the beautiful game.

So, let’s gather around the Halos Heaven fire, beverage of choice in hand, and share some stories. Let’s hear about your favorite ballpark visits.

For me, I can say it is a tough choice to determine my favorite ballpark visit. San Francisco has everything I love about a ballpark, especially during a day game. Scenic views of the game, fresh garlic fries, the bricks, it is tough to top.

But a day game at Wrigley tops it. I was at my wit’s end at work, ready to leave for supposedly greener pastures when my now-wife suggested a trip to Chicago. I looked at the schedule and I would be able to catch the Angels vs. the White Sox and the Brewers at the Cubs. Sold!

We took the L from downtown, saw the train fill with more Cubs gear at every stop. I was wearing my Angels red and chatted with a couple of Cubs fans along the way. We got to a stop and everybody stood up. Out the windows all I saw were houses and apartments, “this is us” my new pals told me.

Walking along the street, the stadium was out of view for a few moments then suddenly, a corner turned, there was Wrigleyville. I sought out the Ernie Banks statue and took a picture, wandered to a bar across the street for another view, waited in line, then walked in to a baseball fan’s heaven.

The fans and ushers were great, telling me it was fine to walk down to the tiny brick wall separating the field from the stands. I walked near the ivy, and was even given a certificate commemorating my first Wrigley trip.

I’ve always loved day games. That’s part of the reason I love Spring Training. They feel vintage, a connection to the early days of the game. It gets no more vintage than a day game at Wrigley, especially right before all the modern video boards were installed (there was one up when I went in 2015).

How about you? What is your favorite ballpark visit?