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Dark Knight or Dark Night? Reactions to the Matt Harvey signing

The Angels got a new arm and Scott Boras is happy

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels sent shockwaves ripples through the league yesterday with the signing of Matt Harvey - former Dark Knight of Gotham City. I had originally intended to dive into his 2018 performance which had pretty mixed result depending on who you listen to. I DID find a stretch of 16 games from June 15th to September 14th last year in which Harvey had a 3.81 ERA with 76 Ks over 81.1 innings.

Harvey is certainly no ace, and maybe not even top of the rotation anymore, but depending on who you listen to, the Angels either got a decent deal or were completely duped by agent Scott Boras.

The Angels love a good reclamation project, and Matt Harvey joins a long list of others, most of whom have not really worked out for more than a few months or a season.

Apparently, one argument for Harvey is that he doesn’t suck as bad as other options. Comforting, right?

Maybe we can make room for one of the other guys on this list. They were all good once and are not anymore. More reclamation projects!

I have mixed feelings about this. Both comes with risk, but Harvey has potentially more upside. Too bad we had to spend 11-14 million to find out though.

So a Mets writer forgot about Harvey and we gave him a nice payday. That’s cool.

Matt Harvey has never pitched in the AL and he will now have to face a DH every 9 hitters instead of a pitcher.

He’s only pitched in one AL West ballpark (Minute Maid), but maybe the change of scenery will be good for him?

So much for the Angels not dealing with Scott Boras.

And of course, Harvey’s off-the-field “leisure” activities have been sometimes notorious.

But you know what? Not everyone thinks the Matt Harvey signing is a bad idea, and many fans of the Mets and Reds are hopeful/wishful for his success as an Angel.

I’ll leave you with a fun video Harvey did while he was on the Mets - and before most people knew who he was. (Thanks Chris K for the tip!)