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2018 Angels prospect rankings: Full list and vote reveal!

Wrapping up this belated Christmas present.

Shohei Ohtani Farewell Ceremony Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

Previously in this series: Introduction | 26-30 | 21-25 | 16-20 | 11-15 | 6-10 | 1-5

As we approach the date of pitchers and catchers reporting, we can finally put a shiny bow on our now-annual prospect rankings and reveal the full list and point values in full. While none of us are professional scouts and do not claim to be (I cannot emphasize this enough), this series—in conjunction with the Halos Heaven staff—tracks the relative health of the farm system and synthesizes scouting information to improve accessibility of prospect information to the fan base. Thanks in no small part to my fellow masthead members, these missions have been achieved.

As a reminder, with eight writers voting and the top vote worth 50 points, the maximum points a prospect could receive is 400. More information on vote values can be found in the introductory post.

Note that Jose Miguel Fernandez was not included, as voting was already submitted.

2018 Prospects Voting: Final tally

Rank Player Points
Rank Player Points
1 Shohei Ohtani 400
2 Jo Adell 340
3 Jahmai Jones 325
4 Kevin Maitan 261
5 Brandon Marsh 252
6 Jaime Barria 227
7 Griffin Canning 217
8 Chris Rodriguez 179
9 Michael Hermosillo 159
10 Matt Thaiss 154
11 Jesus Castillo 116
12 Leonardo Rivas 94
13 Taylor Ward 83
14 Luke Bard 70
15 Jose Soriano 68
16 Brennon Lund 65
17 David Fletcher 60
18 Eduardo Paredes 53
19 Trent Deveaux 53
20 Jose Suarez 50
21 Livan Soto 43
22 Nate Smith 39
23 Jerryell Rivera 27
24 Jake Jewell 21
25 Luis Pena 19
26 Connor Justus 19
27 Cole Duensing 17
28 Joe Gatto 15
29 Torii Hunter, Jr. 6
30 Jose Natera 2

Here are the individual vote breakdowns.

2018 Prospects Voting: Vote Reveal

Rank Rahul Carlos Rick Jeff Turks Teeth Rghan Jessica Chase
Rank Rahul Carlos Rick Jeff Turks Teeth Rghan Jessica Chase
1 Shohei Ohtani Shohei Ohtani Shohei Ohtani Shohei Otani Shohei Ohtani Shohei Ohtani Shohei Ohtani Shohei Ohtani
2 Jahmai Jones Jo Adell Jahmai Jones Jahmai Jones Jo Adell Jo Adell Jo Adell Jahmai Jones
3 Jo Adell Kevin Maitan Jo Adell Jo Adell Jahmai Jones Brandon Marsh Kevin Maitan Jo Adell
4 Kevin Maitan Jahmai Jones Jaime Barria Griffin Canning Brandon Marsh Jahmai Jones Jahmai Jones Brandon Marsh
5 Brandon Marsh Brandon Marsh Kevin Maitan Jaime Barria Kevin Maitan Griffin Canning Brandon Marsh Kevin Maitan
6 Jaime Barria Griffin Canning Michael Hermosillo Kevin Maitan Jaime Barria Kevin Maitan Jaime Barria Griffin Canning
7 Griffin Canning Jaime Barria Brandon Marsh Brandon Marsh Griffin Canning Jaime Barria Griffin Canning Jaime Barria
8 Chris Rodriguez Chris Rodriguez Eduardo Paredes Chris Rodriguez Matt Thaiss Chris Rodriguez Matt Thaiss Chris Rodriguez
9 Michael Hermosillo Matt Thaiss Griffin Canning Michael Hermosillo Chris Rodriguez Jose Soriano Chris Rodriguez Matt Thaiss
10 Matt Thaiss Michael Hermosillo Matt Thaiss Jesus Castillo Michael Hermosillo Livan Soto Eduardo Paredes Michael Hermosillo
11 Jesus Castillo Jesus Castillo Chris Rodriguez Leonardo Rivas Jesus Castillo Luke Bard Taylor Ward Jesus Castillo
12 Taylor Ward Jose Suarez David Fletcher Matt Thaiss Eduardo Paredes Jesus Castillo Michael Hermosillo Eduardo Paredes
13 Jose Suarez Livan Soto Taylor Ward Taylor Ward Leonardo Rivas Michael Hermosillo Brennon Lund Taylor Ward
14 Leonardo Rivas Taylor Ward Nate Smith Trent Deveaux Jose Soriano Leonardo Rivas Jesus Castillo Jose Sorano
15 Luke Bard Leonardo Rivas Jesus Castillo Luke Bard Brennon Lund Eduardo Paredes David Fletcher Leonardo Rivas
16 Jose Soriano Brennon Lund Leonardo Rivas Eduardo Paredes Jerryell Rivera Jose Suarez Leonardo Rivas Jerryell Rivera
17 Brennon Lund Eduardo Paredes Trent Deveaux Brennon Lund Luke Bard Brennon Lund Trent Deveaux Trent Deveaux
18 David Fletcher Luke Bard Luke Bard David Fletcher Nate Smith Matt Thaiss Luke Bard David Fletcher
19 Eduardo Paredes Jose Soriano Jose Suarez Joe Gatto David Fletcher Joe Gatto Nate Smith Livan Soto
20 Trent Deveaux Torii Hunter, Jr. Connor Justus Jake Jewell Jose Suarez Luis Pena Connor Justus Nate Smith
21 Jake Jewell Trent Deveaux Jose Soriano Cole Duensing Julio Garcia Trent Deveaux Cole Duensing Jake Jewell
22 Livan Soto Luis Pena Cole Duensing Connor Justus Livan Soto Jerryell Rivera Livan Soto Luis Pena
23 Nate Smith David Fletcher Brennon Lund Nate Smith Connor Justus Taylor Ward Luis Pena Julio Garcia
24 Luis Pena Jake Jewell Livan Soto Jake Jewell Jose Natera Jerryell Rivera Cole Duensing
25 Cole Duensing Jerryell Rivera Jake Jewell Joe Gatto David Fletcher Nonie Williams Brennon Lund
26 Jerryell Rivera Joe Gatto Luis Pena Jake Jewell Jake Jewell Jose Rodriguez
27 Jose Rodriguez Cole Duensing Trent Deveaux Julio Garcia Joe Gatto Jose Suarez
28 Joe Gatto Jose Natera Jordan Zimmerman Nate Smith Conor Lillis-White Joe Gatto
29 Connor Justus Julio Garcia Jimmy Barnes Torii Hunter Jr Torii Hunter Jr. Torii Hunter Jr.
30 Brendon Sanger Connor Justus Torii Hunter Jr Cole Duensing

System Overview: As luck would have it, today marks two years and two days since Keith Law proclaimed the Angels farm system “the worst I’ve ever seen”. While the 2016 season was not bright for the farm system, 2017 was a year of tremendous growth overseeing the toolsy and advanced additions of Jo Adell/Kevin Maitan and Griffin Canning, highlighting rapid ascensions of Jaime Barria and Michael Hermosillo, and compelling growth from Jahmai Jones and Brandon Marsh, to say nothing of the burgeoning international side. At the GM Q&A for season-ticket holders following the 2016 season, Billy Eppler joked that he would not have been hired if not for his ability to rebuild a farm system. A stronger player development system and improved talent evaluation have been key to such execution. Also, Shohei Ohtani.

Obviously, this is by no means a definitive list and each one’s personal list will depend on his or her tolerance for risk, weight of upside, proximity to the majors, statistical evaluation, and availability of publicly available prospect information. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.