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Halos Heaven Radio is a sound salvation, Halos Heaven Radio is cleaning up the nation

They say you better listen to the voice of reason, and that’s Halos Heaven! Yep, it’s been awhile, but the #1 online community for Angels fans is getting back into the podcasting game.

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Once upon a time, on this very Angels blog, there was a podcast...a lunchtime podcast, no less. It was the site’s first foray into the burgeoning medium known as podcasting, and it was a fun, wacky success among the Halos Heaven community. I can still hear that dorky groove of the opening theme song in the back of my mind, and I’m sure that most of you who were around to hear it can relate.

In the past couple years, there has been no shortage of behind-the-scenes talk about a podcast making its way back to the Halos Heaven front page. Lots of ideas have been tossed around, and the logistics and nuts and bolts were deliberated on for quite some time, and the Halos Heaven podcast comeback would find itself gestating for quite a chunk of time but now, it’s time for it to be reborn.

Today marks the first day of Halos Heaven Radio, our new, fledgling podcast network, and I couldn’t be more stoked to show you guys what we’ve got in store for the upcoming season. This isn’t the announcement of just one Halos Heaven podcast, but instead it’s the announcement of MULTIPLE Halos Heaven podcasts.

There will be various shows, of varying seriousness and parental guidance warning levels, for you peeps to devour with your ears; there will also be one off shows, and special presentations, where we get together a chunk of the staff at once and go over big, overarching topics. Halos Heaven Radio is here to save your day at the office, at the gym, in long car rides, or anywhere else you might be putting aural focus throughout your day.

Yep, we’ve got a lot of dope programming coming, and the goal is to present our particular brand and vibe of Angels baseball coverage, just in podcast form, all while bringing some legit production values and excellent sound quality.

Attention all other Angels podcasts: You’re officially on notice. Halos Heaven Radio is here to dominate, and our first shot across the podcasting bow can be found directly below this paragraph. Halos Heaven Radio proudly presents The Ultra-Comprehensive Halos Heaven Off-season Radical Roundup, with hosts Josh Mayhood and Rahul Setty. Listen along as Rahul and I take a deep dive into Billy Eppler’s busy winter, going over every move, every trade, every signing, and letting our thoughts be known on all of them. Halos Heaven Radio is a sound salvation, alright!

Halos Heaven Radio...STAY MYSTICAL!