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Halos Heaven Petco Park takeover!

Journey on down the 5 to a midweek Angels game in America’s Finest City

Well, the last time the Angels played at Petco Park there was an old scoreboard, some kid named Mike Trout was on the way to his Rookie of Year award, Zack Greinke was soon to be an Angel, and Vernon Wells and Tori Hunter flanked Mike Trout in the outfield. Both teams AND Petco Park have changed a lot since that 2012 series.

Yes it’s a midweek game and that sucks for many of you, but the Angels don’t play at Petco Park (one of the most beautiful stadiums in baseball) very often, so you gotta go when you can!


August 14th @ 7:10 PM (Tuesday)
Ticket Cost: $50*

Taco Tuesday!! Yes it’s Taco Tuesday which means you can get $2.50 tacos (pretty decent size) around the ballpark. Different vendors have different options (Fish, Short rib, etc). It’s an awesome deal.

Transportation Info:

Note: If you drive, you can park for free at yellow and green curbs after 6PM. They fill up fast though after 6PM so if you can get down to the ballpark early enough, you can usually get a free spot within a few blocks of the stadium. We usually show up around 5:45PM, park in a spot and wait until 6PM then head in :)

Seating location: TBD but we’ll be sitting on the Angels dugout side (3rd baseline).

Cost: In order to reserve your seat, please send $50 to via Paypal. If the tickets end up costs less than $50, I’ll send the difference back to you. If they end up being more than $50 you can buy me a taco :)

Deadline: Please commit by April 15th. I need to get all the tickets in a big group to make sure we all sit together and the sooner we buy, the better the seats.