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According to Ballpark Digest, Angels have 2nd worst player development facilities in MLB

Is it really that bad?

MLB: Spring Training-Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ballpark Digest (a pretty cool site) recently posted ratings of all player development facilities and the Angels came in 29th - just ahead of the Washington Nationals.

Regarding how they were ranked:

No black-box methodology here. We asked former GMs, broadcasters past and present, and journalists with expertise in specific leagues to rank facilities based on four criteria: player facilities, fan experience, proximity and stability.

Facilities including work out spaces, clubhouses, quality of services, etc. Fan experience covered concessions, ballpark shape, etc. Proximity covered how much players had to move around, etc. Stability included length of current affiliate deal and future plans.

Here is where the Angels’ scores fell:

Ballpark Digest

By the looks of it, there is some work to be done. Mobile has some pretty low scores for being at a higher level but that may change when the team moves. Salt Lake has great scores which is what you want to see from a team to close to the majors.

Take a look at the entire writeup here.