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Week 1 Pregame Picks Review!

Week 1 Leader: Two tied Overall Leader: Two tied

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels
Why not this guy?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, technically this has been a little more than a week, but really, there’s only been one full week in the season. And the Angels are 7-3! Amazing, right?

In Week 1, red floyd and tanana40 came out tops, each with 10 points. Red floyd did it on the strength of his ABCD, topping the leaderboard there, while tanana40 had a perfect 21 on blackjack. LanaBanana and angelsown3417 are not far behind, with 9 each, and Chone’s Chonies, telinuauthour, and Ant Fan are tied for 5th with 8 each.

The Week 1 results can be seen HERE.

The Overall results are currently the same as the weekly results. The Overall results can be seen HERE

As always, notify me of any mistakes. And if you have any game ideas, comment them below or shoot me an email!

Best of luck next week!