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ShoHERO GOATani: Ohtani’s clutch hit in ninth gives Angels 5-4 comeback win in Toronto

The Angels were staring down another loss in Rogers Centre tonight, but for the first time in 2018, they were trailing after eighth innings and managed to come away with the win.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Angels 5 Blue Jays 4

Oh, OK, Angels. I see how it is. You lulled us all into a false sense of losing, only to then surprise us all with a sweet comeback win on the road against the Blue Jays. Well played, and to also have the huge, go-ahead hit come from the man himself, Shohei Ohtani, was a masterstroke of drama and excitement. I can hang with this type of game, for sure, dudes.

Of course, it looked like another depressing evening of watching the Halos’ offense struggle to do anything meaningful, thus giving them another stinging L. At one point, they had four hits and lots of opportunity (the sixth inning) and only came away with one run, thanks to Kole Calhoun making a misstep on the base paths. We’re used to them just not catching any breaks, and we’re used to the missteps, especially lately. Tonight, though, there was some magic in the air. Thank the baseball gods.

Tyler Skaggs was on the mound for the Angels, and he had yet another positive outing, going fiving innings, giving up six hits and three earned runs, while striking out six batters along the way. Those three runs were not world ending, unless your team is having a tough time scoring any runs...oh, wait...that’s the Halos these days. Going into the ninth inning, they had one lousy run on the board to Toronto’s three, and they were on the verge of defeat. Up to that point this season, they were 0-18 in games where they trailed after eight innings. The odds weren’t in their favor exactly.

Shohei Ohtani doesn’t care about odds, though. Some walks from Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and Justin Upton loaded the bases up, and set the stage for the young superstar to deliver, and deliver he did. He drove a beautiful single to centerfield, driving in both runners (Michael Hermosillo had been called in to pinch run for Pujols) and tying up the game 3-3.

How about them apples, Canada?! Ohtani then was allowed his first stolen base (congrats, Ohtani!), and then Andrelton Simmons decided to follow the leader by hitting a single up the middle of his own. This scored two more Angels runners, and the visiting team now had the commanding 5-3 lead. They would then head to the bottom of the frame, looking to close out the win with Blake Parker on the mound. One run was allowed in the bottom of the ninth, giving fans the heartattack that is requisite from this team, but the Halos still came out with the rousing 5-4 victory.

Maybe this was the game that will get the lineup in shape and ready to mash some baseballs with aplomb. Maybe it was just a random, but amazing, win on the road. Either way, it was a game in which we saw Ohtani do sick Ohtani things, and for that I’m going to be a grateful Halos fan this evening.