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Dan Duffy does justice to a Mike Trout MVP word art print

Take your mind off the Angels dastardly dilapidated season with a glimpse into the unique work of a graphic designer passionate about sports.

Dan Duffy had gained experience with graphic design in art school, but it was nothing like the adventures he took on following the Philadelphia PhilliesWorld Series victory in 2008. Looking to impress the girl he was dating at the time, Duffy decided to utilize his graphic design knowledge to draw and impress her. Inspired by past projects that made small pieces into bigger art, such as using stamps or even just five words, Duffy eventually put together a piece with every score, date, opponent, and versus/at for every game of the Phillies 2008 season, a series that caught on and became known as the ‘Road to the World Series’.

Duffy’s art has taken off, and his website now boasts over 80 different print designs.

A print of Trout and his traditional batting statistics (date, versus/at, opponent, hits, at-bats, runs, doubles, triples, home runs, and walks) from his 2014 MVP season are below, and the piece is equal parts enthralling and detailed.

Duffy’s process for drawing these pieces is multifaceted. He uses three to four different pictures to formulate his own image, starting with a pencil drawing. Once he does some ‘simple math’ to ensure he is maintaining space efficiently, he traces over with an assortment of pens, markers, and Indian inks. The originals are then handwritten and scanned.

This piece was special in that the generationally gifted center fielder and his ‘babyface’ didn’t have any distinct features. “With Trout, (he) was kind of just staring at you being a badass, and waiting to get up and do some damage,” Duffy said.

Duffy, founder of The Art of Words, appears on The Today Show on Wednesday, June 13.

Disclosure: Although I did receive a sample of the product, I am not being paid to write this article. Neither is Halos Heaven, nor is SB Nation.

An Unframed Fine Art Print size 16” x 20” is listed at $39.99 on Duffy’s website The Art of Words, whereas a Double Matte and Framed Print of size 22” x 26” is listed at $199.99.

Halos Heaven readers can add the promo code TROUT10 at checkout to get 10% off a Trout MVP word art print when buying from the Art of Words.