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Angels may ofter Mike Trout a lifetime contract

This could make for an interesting off season

Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Mike Trout wants to win. Mike Trout is a family man. There are few things we know about what will drive Mike Trout into his next contract. Does he want to only play for an East Coast team to be close to his family? Does he want to stay with the Angels and be loyal to the team that believed enough in him to draft him in the 1st round, even though 21 teams passed him over. Does he want a 500 million dollar contract?

Jon Heyman broke the news last night that the Angels are interested in signing Mike Trout to a lifetime contract.

What would that look like? What does “lifetime” mean. That’s different than saying “Angels are looking to sign long term contract”. Do they sign him until he is 40? Something like a 12 or 13 year contract? Do they Bobby Bonilla him and pay out a million dollars every year on his birthday after he retires?

How much risk will the Angels take to signing such a massive long term deal? How much risk will Mike Trout make without the guarantee he will ever see a World Series?

So dear readers, if you are the Angels - do you make this deal? How much do you give him? If you are Mike Trout - do you take it?? Let’s hear your thoughts - and put on your GM hat and offer some deals that both sides can’t refuse.

As a fan who knows she is watching the best player in baseball (and in this generation), my first reaction would be - give that man a blank check!

Trout can’t leave his best buddy behind - can he??