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Halos Heaven’s 2018 stats show a continued commitment to online Angels dominance

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

In case you had any doubt, 2018 was another year of Halos Heaven dominating the Angels blogging game. We had some ups and downs — especially on when it came to watching actual games, but through it all — it’s all of you that helped make this site special again in 2018. It’s all about the community.

We already posted some top article and now it’s time to share some stats about you all: the heart and soul of this site. Sadly, those stats are limited but there are a few fun ones to share with you.

These stats relate to those of you who actually post. I wish we could see stats of all the fans who just read the site and never post because you all are awesome, too. Although we’d love it you participated (we won’t bite much!), you are certainly welcome to just sit back and read the awesome content as well.

It’s time to give a little pat on the back to some of our most prolific and undaunted commentariat.

Most Comments

Below is a holistic list of everyone who had over 1,000 comments on the site in 2018.

2018 Top Commenters

Rank Member Name Total Comments
Rank Member Name Total Comments
1 MiaParker 11929
2 Patrick89 8473
3 Downing Rules 7921
4 H. T. Ennis 7361
5 red floyd 4886
6 NorthernNeighbour 4765
7 gitchogritchoffmypetis 3711
8 Eric in Portland 3616
9 WallyChuckChili 3443
10 Stu Matthews 3184
11 Jessica DeLine 3100
12 LanaBanana 3061
13 MikeSalmon 2775
14 BKStewart 2680
15 ThatGuyFromStateFarm 2442
16 JeffJoiner 2274
17 Fansince1971 2273
18 tanana40 2130
19 cornzzz 2110
20 telinuauthour 2070
21 Rick Souddress 1886
22 Designerguy 1836
23 Chase C. Kimura 1832
24 angelslogic 1818
25 eyespy 1760
26 HaloDuckCheesehead714 1712
27 iLoveLamp 1499
28 admkir 1328
29 rez2405 1316
30 2002heaven 1277
31 steelgolf 1217
32 GeneAutryWay 1038

Most Recommended Commenter

It goes without saying that this list mirrors to the top commenters to some extent. You are bound to get a lot of recs on your comments if you post a lot of comments. Some of you, however, are all about that quality and have more recs than actual comments. Nice work! This list below ranks all commenters who had at least 1,000 recs on their posts.

Most Rec’d Commenters

Rank Member Name Comment Recs
Rank Member Name Comment Recs
1 MiaParker 6760
2 Downing Rules 6377
3 Patrick89 4417
4 gitchogritchoffmypetis 4385
5 Designerguy 3890
6 red floyd 3840
7 Jessica DeLine 3621
8 WallyChuckChili 3108
9 JeffJoiner 2837
10 Rick Souddress 2812
11 telinuauthour 2185
12 H. T. Ennis 2139
13 Eric in Portland 1927
14 Stu Matthews 1866
15 BKStewart 1819
16 Chase C. Kimura 1615
17 GeneAutryWay 1513
18 ihearhowie2.0 1335
19 clover_black 1302
20 Stirrups 1263
21 cornzzz 1234
22 2002heaven 1157
23 Gorbachav5 1134
24 steelgolf 1133
25 Rahul Setty 1130
26 No Bologna Polonia 1069
27 iLoveLamp 1055
28 Balls and Strikes 1025
29 ThatGuyFromStateFarm 1000

Most Recommended Comment

The top comment on the site all year received 38 recs. No, it wasn’t some sarcastic post about the team, as one might have expected. It also wasn’t about Shohei Ohtani. It was a great reminder that even when our team sucks, we still get to watch the greatest player in the game. The greatest player of our generation. This comment was posted in a links thread back on May 7th by angelsown3417.

Truly an honor to watch Trout play.
We are so spoiled as Angels fans.

So there we have it. 2018 was another great year on Halos Heaven, the Angels blog juggernaut that we’ve known to love over the years. Our community is the most important aspect of all, and I love seeing the dedication and love you guys have for this site, day in/day out. Even when the Angels are down in the dumps or we’re on Round 10 of Arte Moreno Did A Dumb Thing, we still have each other and we still have Halos Heaven. Give yourselves a round of applause!