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Taking a look at 2019 Angels W/L Predictions

Spoiler: we didn’t do great.

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

In 2019, the Angels finished 72-90. It wasn’t pretty. The team finished just four games out of last, a position they had not inhabited in about twenty years. It was definitely frustrating.

What was more frustrating was that expectations were reasonably high going in. Of the seven staff writers were participated in our preseason expectations over/under count, the lowest was the prediction by Rick Souddress, who issued an Over/Under of 78.5. That’s still over six games above the actual total of seventy-two! I was way off, pegging my O/U total at 85.5.

Now let’s take a look at how some of our users did.

Notable quotes:

Jco: “Bour, Cahill, Harvey and LuCroy all have some upside to them.”

Matthiasstephan: “I don’t see the potential for he (sic) glass arms of the past. Sure, we could play on an Indian burial ground, but it wasn’t just pitching injuries last year. And we have better depth to fit in for injuries/bad play from our starters (Fletcher/Rengifo in the IF, Bourjos/Thaiss in the OF).

I really think raising the floor is already worth more wins that this article gives credit for.”

LanaBanana: “But at least there will be baseball.”

Eric in Portland: “No Heaney to start the season, who knows what injuries our pitchers will get, but they’ll get ’em, we know that!

No Upton to start, No Shohei to start, Albert all year long.

I joked (?) last week that we have a 65 win team. That might happen. 75 is more likely. I hope.”

He still somehow managed to overshoot with a prediction of 75.

Cornzzz: “We also have a bit more depth in the infield and pitching, though the outfield could end up being a problem very quickly.”

Jessica DeLine: “[Rick’s] just cruel.”

The Orange Curtain: “The Angels will win some games, and lose some games...and all the fans will drink some beers.”

2002heaven: “66-96”

gitchogritchoffmypetis: “The Angels will have 5 starters with 10 wins, no starters with more than 15 wins, and a staff WHIP around 1.35.”

Sinistras Rat Pack: “Lucroy will be a Martin Maldanado (sic) clone. Good defense, .225 hitter, some pop.”

It doesn’t look like we predicted well for the 2019 season.