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The 2019 HH prospect rankings are here!

Find out how each of our writers voted on their top Angels prospects and view the composite list within.

SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

If you’re interested in the 2019 Angels prospect rankings, then we have you covered.


We will use a similar methodology to those used in prior years. In short, we will be ranking our top 30 prospects, but only the top 25 receive a point value in order to reward prospects with higher potential. The tiered point structure, as seen below, is designed to display both a traditional ranking within the system but also the distance between them, which provides additional context to how valuable a prospect is or may become.

A 1st-5th place vote is 50-45-40-35-30 points, 6th-10th is 28-26-24-22-20 points, and 11th-25th place is 15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points.

This year, we have six writers voting, for a maximum total of 300 points a prospect can receive.

Here is what our consensus top 30 Angels prospects look like entering the 2019 season.

2019 HH composite prospect rankings

Rank Prospect Points
Rank Prospect Points
1 Jo Adell 300
2 Griffin Canning 270
3 Brandon Marsh 213
4 Jahmai Jones 210
5 Luis Rengifo 196
6 Jose Suarez 169
7 Jordyn Adams 149
8 Patrick Sandoval 126
9 Ty Buttrey 123
10 D'Shawn Knowles 115
11 Jeremiah Jackson 99
12 Jose Soriano 78
13 Matt Thaiss 70
14 Michael Hermosillo 60
15 Trent Deveaux 54
16 Chris Rodriguez 51
17 Livan Soto 49
T-19 Brennon Lund 42
T-19 Jack Kruger 42
20 Kevin Maitan 29
21 Stiward Aquino 20
22 Jerryell Rivera 19
23 Jorge Tavarez 13
24 John Curtiss 12
25 Jake Jewell 11
T-27 Luis Madero 9
T-27 Jeremy Rhoades 9
28 Leonardo Rivas 8
T-30 Orlando Martinez 7
T-30 Nonie Williams 7
31 Brett Hanewich 4
32 Jeremy Beasley 3
T-34 Jared Walsh 2
T-34 Jose Rojas 2
T-36 Jesus Castillo 1
T-36 Luis Pena 1

Here is a breakdown of how each of our writers voted on their top 30 prospects.

2019 HH prospect rankings: a breakdown

Rank Rahul Jessica Rick Brent Jeff Chase
Rank Rahul Jessica Rick Brent Jeff Chase
1 Jo Adell Jo Adell Jo Adell Jo Adell Jo Adell Jo Adell
2 Griffin Canning Griffin Canning Griffin Canning Griffin Canning Griffin Canning Griffin Canning
3 Brandon Marsh Brandon Marsh Luis Rengifo Brandon Marsh Jahmai Jones Jahmai Jones
4 Luis Rengifo Jahmai Jones Jose Suarez Jahmai Jones Brandon Marsh Luis Rengifo
5 Jahmai Jones Jordyn Adams Jahmai Jones Jose Suarez Luis Rengifo Brandon Marsh
6 Jordyn Adams Luis Rengifo Brandon Marsh Luis Rengifo Jose Suarez Jose Suarez
7 Jose Suarez Ty Buttrey D'Shawn Knowles Trent Deveaux Jordyn Adams Jordyn Adams
8 Patrick Sandoval Patrick Sandoval Jeremiah Jackson Jordyn Adams Patrick Sandoval Ty Buttrey
9 Jose Soriano Jose Suarez Ty Buttrey Jose Soriano Ty Buttrey Jeremiah Jackson
10 Chris Rodriguez D'Shawn Knowles Patrick Sandoval Patrick Sandoval D'shawn Knowles D'Shawn Knowles
11 D'Shawn Knowles Chris Rodriguez Jordyn Adams Ty Buttrey Jeremiah Jackson Chris Rodriguez
12 Ty Buttrey Jeremiah Jackson Jack Kruger D'Shawn Knowles Kevin Maitan Patrick Sandoval
13 Michael Hermosillo Matt Thaiss Brennon Lund Jeremiah Jackson Matt Thaiss Jose Soriano
14 Matt Thaiss Jose Rojas Jose Soriano Chris Rodriguez John Curtiss Livan Soto
15 Jeremiah Jackson Jorge Tavarez Matt Thaiss Michael Hermosillo Livan Soto Matt Thaiss
16 Livan Soto Jack Kruger Michael Hermosillo Matt Thaiss Michael Hermosillo Michael Hermosillo
17 Brennon Lund Jose Soriano Trent Deveaux Jerryell Rivera Trent Deveaux Jack Kruger
18 Jerryell Rivera Brennon Lund Jeremy Rhoades Stiward Aquino Jeremy Rhoades Jerryell Rivera
19 Trent Deveaux Kevin Maitan Orlando Martinez Livan Soto Nonie Williams Stiward Aquino
20 Jack Kruger Michael Hermosillo Jesus Castillo Brennon Lund Brennon Lund Luis Madero
21 Stiward Aquino Jake Jewell Livan Soto Kevin Maitan Jake Jewell
22 Leonardo Rivas Livan Soto Chris Rodriguez Jake Jewell Brett Hanewich
23 Luis Madero Trent Deveaux Kevin Maitan Jack Kruger Jeremy Beasley
24 Jake Jewell Leonardo Rivas Jorge Tavarez Leonardo Rivas Jose Rojas
25 Jared Walsh Jesus Castillo Jared Walsh Luis Pena Jeremy Rhoades
26 Brett Hanewich Orlando Martinez Luis Madero Jesus Castillo John Curtiss
27 Jeremy Rhoades William English Jose Rojas John Swanda Kevin Maitan
28 John Curtiss Jared Walsh Leo Rivas John Curtiss Trent Deveaux
29 John Swanda Jeremy Rhoades Jake Jewell William English Jared Walsh
30 Joe Gatto Brett Hanewich

System overview:

Jo Adell (1st), Brandon Marsh (3rd), and Jordyn Adams (7th) comprise a terrific crop of athletic, young outfielders capable of potentially filling starting roles while Griffin Canning (2nd), Jose Suarez (6th), and Patrick Sandoval (8th) offer close-to-major-league starting pitching with various levels of upside. That’s not all, though. Jahmai Jones (4th) and Luis Rengifo (5th) are both instinctive, talented infielders in the high minors and potential everyday lineup options. Jose Soriano (12th) might just be the best rotation arm in the Angels’ system, and that’s to say nothing of the many other fledgling players in development.

Under Billy Eppler, the Angels have gone from having one of the worst farm systems in decades to what many see as a top-ten system. I’m wouldn’t call it an embarrassment of riches like others are—Adell, Canning, and Marsh are the only “surefire” impact players, after all—but it’s the start of building a sustainable winner from the ground-up, and that’s certainly saying something.

How did each of our writers vote, and what are your thoughts on the consensus rankings? Let us know in the comments section below.

I’ll be writing up a brief overview to cover Angels prospects from a grades perspective shortly, so keep an eye out for that post in the near future.