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2019 Angels/MLB Holiday & Special Event Jerseys and Gear

It’s that time of year again when MLB releases all their designs for special events and holidays. Some of them are cool, some are puke worthy. Keep in mind, this is not just an MLB money grab. In fact, proceeds from these hats, socks, and jerseys go to military-focused charities, Susan G. Komen, Prostrate Cancer Foundation, and Stand Up To Cancer.

This year MLB added a new celebration for Armed Forces Day.

Note: I wasn’t able to find pictures of all items. For instance, many of the jerseys were only pictured for a few teams so I didn’t list them below.

Mother’s Day - May 12th

Armed Forces Day - May 17-19

Memorial Day - May 27

No Angels specific gear was pictured. Also, MLB won’t be selling Memorial Day uniforms anymore, but you can buy the Armed Forces Day stuff already pictured.

Father’s Day - June 16

The socks aren’t so bad, but those hats might pair well with your favorite Grateful Dead shirt.

Canada Day - July 1

Blue Jays only. Duh.

Independence Day - July 4-7

Some of those hats are pretty cool but the Angels version looks like any other hat you can already buy.

All-Star Workout Day - July 8

The design on those hats is pretty cool. I even kind of like the black on black but the red definitely pops. That sleeveless jersey though?? Just saw no. Been there, done that and it didn’t look good then either.

All-Star Game - July 9

Chime in! What are your favorite and least favorite styles??