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Junior Buzzers: 2019 Burlington Bees (A) Preview

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2018 in Review

Like most of the Angels farm teams last year, the Bees didn’t so fare so well and landed at last place in their division with a 50-84 record. I don’t know the full reasons, but Billy Eppler has been ver aggressive at moving people up at all levels and that likely affected the Bees as well as the other teams across the system.

At the end of the season, it was announced the Bees would continue to be an Angels affiliate through the 2020 season.

Notable Departures

Jo Adell spent some time with the Bees last year before being called up to Mobile, as did Brandon Marsh. Leonardo Rivas is now gone, as is Luis Madero, and Keinner Pina who have all moved up the ladder.

Notable Arrivals

Several prospects moved up to the Bees from Orem, including #6 prospect Jordyn Adams (OF), Kevin Maitan (IF) #15, Livian Soto (SS) #19, Cole Duensing, and Nonie Williams.

Projected Lineup & Names to Watch

Livian Soto won’t turn 19 until June which makes him the youngest and one of the most intriguing players on the roster. He’s joined by some guys in the infield that you may not recognize other than Kevin Maitan who is still struggling a bit with his fielding. The outfield is anchoring by Jordyn Adams (who is really good at getting on base) and Nonie Williams, the former shortstop.

Projected Pitchers & Names to Watch

Top prospect Jose Soriano (#13) is back after starting 14 game for the Bees last year. Cole Duensing will also be patrolling the starting rotation. Robinson Pina who spent almost all of 2018 pitching out of the pen may see some starts this year. He’s not a top prospect per se but has put up some very solid numbers.