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Mike Trout is Grand in Angels victory over the Blue Canadian Team

Someone is good at baseball. Who could that be?:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Angels 11 Blue Jays 6

At some point we are going to see it. We are going to see Mike Trout walked with the bases loaded. Not sure if that will happen in the regular season or post season - but it WILL happen. Play with fire and you might get burned. That’s what happens when you pitch to Mike Trout.


Mike Trout drove in 7 of the Angels runs tonight (career high for him), thanks mostly to his pair of home runs. He added another RBI with a bases loaded single in the 9th.

Aaron Sanchez is probably not a fan of Mike Trout today since both of those bombs were hit off him. First, a two run shot in the 2nd and the nail in the coffin - a grand salami in the 4th. Look at this beautiful chart that details the odds of the Blue Jays winning and take note of the two Mike Trout home runs:

Other things we learned in this game? It’s good to have Justin Upton back. Upton added some firepower of his own when he launched a bomb in the 8th inning to give the Angels double digit runs for the 5th time in June.

Shohei Ohtani is fast! Ohtani legged out a double - just beating the throw in from left field. he also stole a base AND showed once again that he’s hard to double up.

Andrew Heaney had a rough start, giving up 5 runs and getting the boot after 3.2 innings. Thankfully for him, the kick ass lineup backed him up with a 16 hit parade. Heaney has now given up 5 runs in 2 of his last 3 starts.

Mike Trout doesn’t even need a pitch in the zone to hit a grand slam.

Mike Trout crushes baseballs:

The Angels are now 1 game over .500 and will go for the sweep tomorrow.