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Shohei is back and in style! A BreakingT shirt

It’s the biggest, baddest one yet.


Shohei Ohtani is back and ready to destroy baseballs. His numbers, which seemed a little cringeworthy for the first month he played, are back to normal levels. Ohtani is hitting .276/.341/.493 on the year, and he’s providing ample protection for Mike Trout. Trout has been on a tear ever since Ohtani’s return, leading to an AL Player of the Week Award as Trout climbs back on top of the AL MVP race.

It’s Shotime!

Here is a gorgeous image, featuring Ohtani (and his #17) swinging, presumably just have muscled one out to left field using his patented inside-out swing that provides him with so much opposite field power. In the backdrop, we see a couple buildings and a few palm trees next to a shadow of the Big A Halo. With Ohtani protecting Trout in the lineup, that Halo should be lit more often than not! The most gorgeous and underrated part, in my opinion, is the way the streaks of red and white move across the shirt, overlaying the sun. It’s really well-made, and it’s definitely fit for wearing to games.

Check out the new BreakingT shirt here! I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

Shotime T-shirt for $28