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Angels get nice and prepared for the draft at Wrigley, forget they actually have to play baseball

Could have been an off-day, but the weather had other plans.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Chicago Cubs
Like the ol’ saying...just keep painting the area two inches off the strike zone...
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Cubs 8, Angels 1

It was always the scheduled loss. Always. Trevor Cahill, who on normal rest would have started Sunday, got pushed back in favor of José Suarez, and everyone knew. “We’re going to lose the Wrigley game,” the ghosts of Angels past whispered as the team took the fields in Oakland and Seattle. The Angels offense got the memo, scoring all the runs needed to secure a 5-2 week. The front office got the memo, calling up Taylor Ward, and Brad Ausmus quickly installed him in the lineup.

Cam Bedrosian opened and was fine, actually retiring the Cubs 1-2-3. And then Trevor Cahill was fine for the first few innings. It all blew up in the 6th inning, Cahill’s 5th. The Cubs struck for five, effectively putting the game out of reach.

The Angels had a quick shot to get back into it, but Carlos Gonzalez ixnayed that before it could get going.

And then this

We fail to break .500, but that’s okay because we’re never going to get there.

Let’s get the non-scheduled losses at home tomorrow and turn our attention to the draft!