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Andrew Heaney not eligible for tax exempt status despite good deal of charitable work for Seattle

Angels lose 6-2, but they probably only should have lost 3-2. Let’s not talk about that though.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Heaney looked really good today when he didn’t look bad. Of course, there was no in between for the lefty as there so rarely is, as he hurled 5.2 innings of frustratingly tantalizing ball. Ten strikeouts and two walks are certainly promising. To not pair those with the five runs (all of which were earned) and two crippling dingers however, would be to do injustice to just how bitter this game was.

To fully understand the plight of the Angels pitcher and his fan, let’s take a look past the line for a second and appreciate this exact string of events.

Dylan Moore comes up to bat.

He stands there and takes a curveball, sinker, and curveball down the middle of the plate.

Mallex Smith comes up to bat.

As a left-hander, he unsurprisingly swings through 3 consecutive curveballs way off the plate.

Domingo Santana comes up to bat.

He takes strike one on a change up.

He fouls off a curveball.


absolutely must swing at this next pitch no matter where it is or risk being the victim of an immaculate inning.

Andrew Heaney locates it in the worst spot you could ever possibly put a pitch that a batter has zero chance of not swinging at. The ball goes over the fence, the immaculate inning is lost, the Angels relinquish the tie, and the Mariners never look back.

The Angels offense made a lefty look like a lefty again, and I’m not sure if the Angels are just slumpbusters or had a typical Marco Gonzales game. Maybe it’s Tovar’s fault; we are 0-1 in the Wilfredo era, after all.

Whatever. Another game with similarly lukewarm stakes takes place tomorrow.