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Blowout Sundays!

A 5-2 week followed up with a 2-5 week.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels
Known Angel killer.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Mariners 9, Angels 3

Brad Ausmus had the right idea. He saw the lining on the wall, saw his team playing their god-knows-how-many’eth game in a row and decided to take the afternoon off.

The cause? Oh, just Mike Trout taking five straight balls and getting rung up as a result.

The umpiring crew this weekend of Jerry Meals, Jeremie Rehak, Ron Kulpa, and Gabe Morales is among the worst in baseball. Gabe Morales might be the only umpire who I would consider average, but that might be because we didn’t get to see him behind the plate.

Not to say that the umpiring is the reason the Angels lost, however. It was terrible both ways. Also terrible was the Angels pitching. José Suarez got the start and must be on a hard pitch count limit or something, because he was taken out by acting manager Josh Paul at 87 pitches. His only mistake was this pitch to #Angelkiller Tom Murphy.

Wade LeBlanc allowed just two runs across six innings after the opener Austin Adams. He continues to own the Angels.

Because things are nice, Cody Allen relieved Suarez in a one-run game. Soon, it was no longer a one-run game.

Nick Tropeano nearly worked the remainder, and Murphy hit another homer. Encarnacion also hit another homer. For good measure, Kyle Seager homered.

Meanwhile in baseball:

So basically, we saw probably the most boring game in baseball today.

Oh look, the game ended on a Ball 4 called Strike 3! Fitting, like Victor said.