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Tale of two pitchers as Félix gets nixed in Astros slugfest

Oh Noe

MLB: Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Astros 11 Angels 2

There was not much to write home about today. The Angels found themselves Noéless and Bradless tonight, off the heels of a mini-kerfuffle on Tuesday night, looking to keep a 5-game win streak against the vaunted Astros.

With fire in their bellies and a healing heart, they were quickly overcame and never stood a chance. In the top half of the inning, Justin Upton made what might just be the worst defensive play you'll see this year, losing a well-hit ball in the lights and trying to rob the home run. Or so he thought. The ball landed several feet laterally from the base of where Upton jumped toward the fence. That was enough to score an Astros run. A home run quickly followed to make it 3-0 headed to the bottom first, and that set the tone for the 11-run bashing to come.

An onslaught of offense. Though Dustin Garneau bravely attempted to cull the tide with two solo home runs (one off an always masterful Gerrit Cole), his #dingers were not enough but a faint watermark on the front cover of an already written novella.

The Angels will still have their chance to preserve Brad Ausmus's five game win streak tomorrow, though. Go get 'em, boys.