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Cow Tipping: July Update - Power Surge

Abbreviated July update

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Oakland Athletics Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Affiliate Teams (from AAA to Rookie):

This month’s update will be a short one, and it will focus on power surges. Sure the MLB ball is juiced and AAA uses the same ball, but some Angels prospects are putting up some impressive power numbers this year (or recently).

Here are 3 guys to keep an eye on.

Pioneer League (ROK)
Jeremiah Jackson, SS, 19 (6’0”, 165#)
Jackson has the benefit of playing in the very hitter friendly Pioneer League. Pioneer League stadiums range from 3,153 to 5,123 feet above sea level. BUT, not only has Jackson hit 13 home rover 34 games in his debut season, he leads the Pioneer League in home runs with the next closest guys tied at 10.

California League (A+)
Gareth Morgan, OF, 23 (6’4”, 265#)
Who? Morgan played a few levels above Jackson and is 100 pounds heavier (plus a bit taller). The Modesto Nuts (Mariners) released him this year and Billy Eppler pounced. Morgan hasn’t hit very well in his career, but his power did appear the last few years. He has mashed 18 home runs in 38 games for the 66ers. He’s 3rd in the Cal League with 19 total home runs (only 184 ABs). The guys he is chasing have 22 and 23 homers but also have 310 and 314 ABs.

Pacific Coast League (AAA)
Jared Walsh, 1B/P, 25 (6’0”, 210#)
This year, the PCL is using the same balls as MLB so it’s no surprise to see them flying out of ballparks at records rates - especially in the home run friendly PCL. But Walsh is now tied for the Bees lead in home runs with Jose Rojas but has hit his 23 home runs in 100 less ABs. Largely this is due to Walsh’s recent power surge in which he’s hit 8 homers in 38 ABs, including 3 in his game last night.