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Angels drop series to the Tigers in the shadow of the trade deadline

Mike Trout can’t do everything

Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Angels 1 Tigers 9

The big news of the day was the flurry of trades made around the league. The Angels? They signed a catcher - right before they went on to get blown out by the worst team in baseball. That kinda gives you warm fuzzies, huh?

Jonathan Lucroy returning to the lineup and it didn’t take too long to notice his presence. Sure he got a hit, but he also missed a key tag on a Kole Calhoun money throw in the 3rd. He may have a case of the yips with the runner cruising down the line (thanks Jake Marisnick)

But have no fear, that run didn’t really matter. The Angels couldn’t score AND they were really good at letting the Tigers score. I’ve heard that’s a bad combination.

Jose Suarez left the game with the bases loaded in the 5th then enter: Trever Cahill. Cahill’s line shows zero earned runs, but he allowed 2 of his 3 inherited runners to score, giving 4 total earned runs to Suarez in 4.1 innings of work.

Jose Suarez is a nice guy though. After all, he served up Jake Rogers’ first major league home run to him. If you need to hit a home run, Suarez is your guy. He’s given up about 1 every 4 innings this year.

For an Angels fan, this was a pretty rough game without many highlights. Thankfully - Mike Trout exists:

Trout can’t do everything though and the Angels managed only 5 hits against Daniel Norris Cy Young and the Tigers pitching staff (Lucroy had 2 of those hits).

The Angels have a bad case of not being able to finish off innings. 58% of the runs scored against the Angels in this home stand have been with 2 outs.

The final highlight? J.C. Ramirez returned to the mound after 15 months and had a scoreless 9th inning. Those tried pitching arms can sure use him around there.