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Andrew Heaney wins half of double-header in grandiose fashion and the other game happened too

20 innings of baseball amounted to nothing gained and nothing lost

MLB: Game One-Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 5 Rangers 1

Angels 2 Rangers 3

It isn’t easy to have the best game of your life when you already have a one-hit 1-0 shutout to your name. Andrew Heaney, however, arguably surpassed his career best by mowing down the Rangers at Globe Life time and time again.

The game began on a sweltering Tuesday afternoon to almost no fans whatsoever (I wouldn’t attend a game in the Death Valley of ballparks during the middle of August myself). This was the perfect kind of day for bomb-crushing, and Trout did so almost immediately. The 112 MPH liner to left was gone in virtually no time at all and it was all the support the starter would really need, though they would tack on 3 more runs.

Heandog was more than locked in. This was the makeup for the Tyler Skaggs postponement game, after all, and no one else could have been more perfect for the job. Heaney would strike out a career high 14 and walk 0. He allowed 4 hits across 8 innings and just 1 solo shot. It was as dominant as it gets and easily the second best game of the entire season for the pitching staff, edged of course by the Skaggs no-hitter.

The second game seemed to be a similarly well-pitched affair. Okay, it actually was. Barria didn’t go nearly as long or pitch even remotely as strongly as Heaney, but the Rangers were held to just 2 runs for a long time.

Shohei Ohtani and Brian Goodwin attempted to save the offense by tying the game late via RBI double and solo shot while Halo bats couldn’t seem to seal the deal in extras. In the 11th inning, the Rangers finally walked it off on an error by Pujols.

At the end of the day, all that really mattered came down to the following

  • Trout set a new career high in homers and seeks to have the coveted 50 bomb season
  • Heaney had one heckin’ heck of a game today