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This postgame is left as an exercise to the reader

Throwback to high school!

Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Back in high school math class, one of the most annoying things that I experienced was the textbook doing a very basic problem to show students how to do it and then the next example featuring a much more difficult problem. Interestingly enough, the textbook did not ever explain how to do this much more challenging problem. Instead, the words “This problem is left as an exercise to the reader” were displayed.

What good did that do me? All I wanted was to learn how to do the problem so I could pass the class! I swear, the textbooks were conspiring against my education.

Here, the Angels are deep into extra innings against yet another AL East team (Boston this time). Therefore, I do incredibly regret to inform you that...

This postgame is left as an exercise to the reader.