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Pregame Picks Gigantic Update

Overall Leader: Eastbayhalo

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Los Angeles Angels Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Because I haven’t updated in so long (sorry about that!), I decided to update in chunks rather than in specific weeks. Over that span of time, we’ve seen the Angels chances fall off a cliff from slim to nonexistent. It’s been a rough patch for the team.

Here’s Games 102-120: Ant Fan was first with 27, eastbayhalo had 26, and IE Angel had 24.

Here’s Games 121-140: eastbayhalo and LanaBanana tied with 32, and Chone’s Chonies had 29.

Here’s Games 141-156: eastbayhalo had 22, then LanaBanana and max peter had 21.

Game 156 Results:

Overall Top 5 (with just six games to go!):

Eastbayhalo, Ant Fan, max peter, LanaBanana, angelslogic

It seems like Eastbayhalo has pulled away!

Here are overall results: