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Angels almost win 5-7

The game ended with the A’s up, but it nearly didn’t!

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Angels were so close today!

Channeling the spirit of baseball, the Angels battled to make their opener in Oakland-Alameda almost seem like a winnable affair. Despite the fact that Mike Fiers was on the bump against Jaime Barria, the game always looked to be in reach, even though it totally wasn’t! Props to our boys for keeping up appearances!

Mike Trout got the offense started with some serious sorcery, as the blast he crushed to left field would put the Angels above the Athletics on the board. It’s always cool to tune in and see how Trout will surprise us next, but nobody expected a lead. How fun; I hope history will repeat itself one day.

Alas, the lead would eventually be relinquished, but it sure was a blast while it was here.

While Fiers was not his usual self, failing to achieve that coveted 12-0 since his no-hitter, he did prove to be effective enough to leave with a lead with a little help from Andrelton Simmons. The double-error that he gifted to the A’s proved to be a key part in the unwin, but gee whillickers, are we just happy to be here playing with the big boys or what?

Albert Pujols and Justin Upton did their parts today and we sort of got our money’s worth from them. Jaime Barria was somewhere in the ballpark of lowering his ERA on the season for a while there. Noe Ramirez is still below a 4 ERA. Mejia, Middleton, and Garcia only combined for 3 walks in 3 scoreless innings pitched.

What a day. This match was a perfect 5/7.