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Angels week 24 in review - Shohei Ohtani is back

The Good, the Bad, the Meh

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Chicago White Sox Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

If Mike Trout can take the weekend off, so can our podcast. Sadly, our podcast had a minor toe issue this weekend so we weren’t able to pull off our audio shenanigans. The status of the podcast is currently day to day.

In Lieu of that, here is a bit of a flashback to the original weekly breakdown!


Michael Hermosillo filled in for Mr. Mike Trout and went 2 for 3. Yes he IS still on the team in case some of you forgot. He also stole a base. Neat!

Shohei Ohtani dug into the back of his locker and found his bat this past week. He had 3 doubles, a triple, and a home run. He also stole a base. See a trend here? Nice to see Ohtani heating up a bit to take some of the pain and suffering away from this season.

Justin Upton has been more than warm as of late. This past week he hit .316 with a .381 OBP and a pair of home runs. And guess what? He stole a base!

David Fletcher had a .429 OBP thanks to going 7 for 23 with 5 walks.

Hansel Robles was perfect last week with zero hits, walks, or runs over 3 innings. He also struck out 4 and logged a save and a win.

Keynan Middleton is still holding it together since his return. Two innings over 2 games no runs or hits allowed.


MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Kold Calhoun is back apparently. Did we miss our trade window? Calhoun was a mere 1 for 19 with 8 Ks.

Andrelton Simmons also stole a base but had a pretty sad .118 AVG.

I just realized Luis Rengifo has a 1.7 bWAR on the season but this past week sure didn’t help him out. He was 2 for 17 with 10 Ks. Talk about flailing away up there.

Jose Suarez allowed only 2 runs over 5.1 innings, his best start of the year. Only 2 Ks, but we’ll take it.

Dillon Peters had a no so hot start. He served up 6 hits and 4 runs over 4.1 innings.

Noe Ramirez has been beat up in 4 straight appearances now. Over the past week he pitched twice and gave up 3 runs and 4 hits over 1.2 innings.


After being the week 23 superstar, Brian Goodwin his only .200 this past week with a .238 OBP. He had a home run but struck out 7 times.

Andrew Heaney lasted 6 innings but gave up 4 runs in the process. He struck out 8 and didn’t allow a homer so there was some good stuff there.