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Friday Links!

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MLB: Angels Beat Indians 8-0 Photo by John Cordes/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Congrats! You’ve made it to the last day of the workweek. Have some lovely baseball links on this blessed day.

Our team’s best defender has a new contract!

Over at FanGraphs, Craig Edwards explores the linearity of the cost of a win in free agency and comes to the conclusion that below-average players are getting discounted heavily.

The Rays and Cardinals made a trade with six moving pieces yesterday, with top pitching prospect Matt Liberatore headed to the Cards while 1b/DH Jose Martinez and OF Randy Arozarena off to Tampa Bay. The trade is notable as Martinez is a good bat but sputtered in 2019, while Liberatore has potential to slot in at the front of a rotation. If the Rays wanted a good bat, couldn’t they have simply kept Tommy Pham?

Ken Rosenthal has some hot stove notes ($), though it’s about what you’d expect. No shockers.

The Astros trade for formerly Rays RP Austin Pruitt, an acceptable reliever with a monstrous spin rate on offspeed pitches. More player development incoming...

A certain upstart had its first tweet yesterday..... ;)

Let’s play a “fun” trivia game: can you name all the 2019 Angels starters with more than 100 innings pitched? I bet you can’t name them all!