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LA Angels News: Monday Halolinks

2010 XM All-Star Futures Game Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Arbitration Talk
Arbitration day and went last Friday. The Angels settled with everyone aside from Brian Goodwin, who they tried to low ball by $350K. Meanwhile, Cody Bellinger broke Kris Bryant’s first year arbitration record and Mookie Betts set the record for arbitration with a 27 million dollar salary for 2020.

Trout Porn
Mike Trout tops the list of top 10 centerfielders “right now”. He also tops the list of best hitters against two seamers and sinkers. Second on that list? New Halo Anthony Reondon. Mike Trout also top the list for best hitter against changeups and splitters and landed at #5 on the curveball list.

Around the Horn
Baseball is funny sometimes. Here is your proof. Cardinals are apparently interested in Nolan Arenado. Kevan Smith lands in Tampa Bay. Some players that could retire in 2020.