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Opening Day pushed back until at least May

Not a surprise

Ray_LAC | Flickr

Though this doesn’t come as a surprise, the MLB announced on Monday that they won’t be resuming the season on their initial planned date. Originally, the season was pushed back two weeks, and Opening Day was going to be April 9.

Now, it looks like at the earliest, we won’t see baseball until at least the middle of May.

Here’s the full statement from the MLB.

Yesterday when the CDC made their announcement, it was expected that the start to the season would be pushed back until May at the earliest. For the next eight weeks, events of more than 50 people are restricted.

A positive takeaway is that clubs are committed to try and play as many games as possible once the season begins. Whether it happens in May, June or July, they are committed to have a season and get in as many games as they possibly can.

With the season being pushed back, it’s unclear as to what will happen with the All-Star Game. With two months essentially being cut from the season, it’s tough to see the game taking place in July. Whether that means cancelling the game or just postponing it, that’s something we’ll have to wait and see.

In addition, the MLB has yet to announce whether or not they plan on cancelling or postponing the draft. It’s scheduled to take place June 10-12.