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Mike Trout on 2020 season: ‘I’m playing’

Angels outfielder is excited about season and the birth of his son

Los Angeles Angels Summer Workouts Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

On July 3 when Mike Trout first reported to Angels camp, he expressed trepidation about playing this season, amid concerns during the coronavirus pandemic about keeping his family safe. Those fears have been assuaged somewhat over the last three weeks, and on Wednesday before the Angels’ final exhibition game, Trout updated his status for the 2020 season.

“I’m playing,” Trout said on a conference call on Wednesday. “It’s been great so far. Guys have been respectful of others. Everyone’s taking responsibility to wear a mask and social distance, just be safe. We’re seeing that. The results are there.”

He said he was pleased how the team has handled all the health and safety protocols, and was more worried what would happen if the virus spread throughout the team.

“The biggest concern the whole time was if there was an outbreak,” Trout said. “If there was an outbreak, we’d have to evaluate the situation and go from there. You have to do what’s right for the family.”

The family for Trout includes his wife Jessica, who is pregnant with their first child, a baby boy due Aug. 3. Trout plans to leave the team for the birth of his child, but hasn’t yet finalized the logistics of the plan, including how long he might need to be away the team.

“They’ll be testing every day, but I don’t know the requirements of if I have to quarantine or not,” Trout said. “But obviously I gotta go see my newborn, my first one.”

Trout said he and his wife picked out a name for the baby, though they aren’t sharing it yet, not even with their mothers, much to their chagrin.

“I can’t even describe the emotions, thinking about it right now. Every time I leave the field, seeing Jess and seeing her belly, and talking to him every night,” Trout said. “It’s a different feeling, I can’t really explain it. It’s great.”