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Mike Trout placed on paternity list

Baby Trout coming soon

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

Mike Trout is going to be a dad!

On Thursday night, the Angels announced that they have placed Trout on the paternity list. For those of you who are unfamiliar with how that works, here’s a quick explanation.

The paternity leave list may be used when a player chooses to leave the team to attend the birth of his child. A player placed on the paternity leave list must miss the next team game, but no more than three games. The team can use another player from its 40-man roster to replace a player on the paternity leave list. This list was adopted beginning with the 2011 season

For Trout and his wife Jessica, this is their first child together. Their boy was expected August 3, so looks like we’ll just be hitting that mark.

“They’ll be testing every day, but I don’t know the requirements of if I have to quarantine or not,” Trout said. “But obviously I gotta go see my newborn, my first one.”

The name has yet to be unveiled. I’m sure the second they announce it, Twitter will be blowing up, for good or for bad.

“I can’t even describe the emotions, thinking about it right now. Every time I leave the field, seeing Jess and seeing her belly, and talking to him every night,” Trout said. “It’s a different feeling, I can’t really explain it. It’s great.”