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2021 minor-league schedules released

There will be a minor-league season!

On Thursday morning, Major League Baseball dropped the minor-league schedule for all. affiliates. Here is some key information for the new season.

Triple-A will kick off their season on April 6. Meanwhile, both Double-A and Single-A are going to kick off their season a month later on May 4. The AAA season will be 142 games, with both of the other leagues being 120 games. In 2021, teams will match up in six-game series exclusively that last from Tuesday through Sunday, with Monday being a league-wide off-day. However, the off-day in AAA will be on Wednesday. As of right now, there are currently no playoffs scheduled this year throughout all of Minor League Baseball.

Salt Lake Bees

The Bees will play 70 games at Smith’s Ballpark and 72 games on the road. To minimize travel in 2021, each series will be six games with a dedicated off day every Wednesday (with an exception of an extra two-day break in mid-July). Overall, the Bees are scheduled for 12 home games in April, 17 in May, 13 in June, 10 in July, 12 in August and six in September.

In the newly aligned Triple-A West league, the Bees will compete in the West Division and face their division rivals Tacoma 30 times (12 home/18 away), Sacramento 28 times (10 home/18 away), Las Vegas 24 times (12 home/12 away) and Reno 18 times (12 home/six away).

Against the East Division, the Bees will play Oklahoma City and Albuquerque six times each home and away, El Paso and Round Rock will each visit Smith’s Ballpark for a six-game series and Salt Lake will travel to Sugarland, Texas for one six-game road trip.

Rocket City Trash Pandas

Schedule coming soon

Tri-City Dust Devils

Schedule coming soon

Inland Empire 66ers

Schedule coming soon