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Angels fall in latest power rankings

They continue to slip in the rankings

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Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The Athletic

Last week: 24 | This week: 24

Here is a tweet that sums up the essence of the Angels better than I ever could.

This is spot on, and you know it. And now, to make matters worse, Mike Trout is on the injured list for six to eight weeks. At least Shohei Ohtani is still doing fun things.

NBC Sports

Last week: 22 | This week: 23

Mike Trout is out until July with a Grade 2 calf strain. Luckily the Angels have another MVP candidate in Shohei Ohtani, but that doesn’t really matter if the pitching staff can’t figure it out.

CBS Sports

Last week: 22 | This week: 23

Mike Trout games played 2013-16: 157, 157, 159 and 159, respectively. Then it was 114, 140 and 134. And now he’s out around two months. And I’m sad.

USA Today

Last week: 24 | This week: 23

Last week: 20 | This week: 25

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