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I might be a fan of the Angels, but I'm also not a fan of the Mariners.

Halos Heaven MLB Awards Balloting, 8/22/2019

Both MVPs were unanimous.

Andrew Heaney wins half of double-header in grandiose fashion and the other game happened too

20 innings of baseball amounted to nothing gained and nothing lost

Halos Heaven Radio Episode 24 - Week 21 in Review: Old McArte Had a Farm


Justin Upton finally comes through

Angels overtake White Sox in 6-5 comeback victory

Halos Heaven Radio Episode 23 - Week 20 in Review: Tanking at Tanking

We swear, games were watched to a degree this week.

2019EP21 - Week 19 in Review: The Crash, The Burn, The Outrage

The bad, the abominable, and the wholly intolerable

Angels and fans alike sink still deeper into suffocating ennui in 7-2 snoozer

There’s this horrible feeling in my gut that this isn’t how baseball is supposed to feel.

Halos Heaven Radio Episode 20 - Trade Deadline Recap & Max Stassi

Looking back at the Angels trade deadline "action"

Healing the Angels by the 2019 Trade Deadline: Five takes

With the help of Baseball Trade Values, the masthead at Halos Heaven created 5 scenarios to fix the Angels’ future

Halos Heaven Radio Episode 19 - Week 18 in Review: Building a Bridge to Nowhere

Matt Thaiss, the trade deadline, and last week in review