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Reactions to the Mike Trout monster contract extension

The news and reaction came fast and frequent throughout the morning

Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

So I’m on my way to work this morning, sitting at an on-ramp light and listing to MLB radio when I hear the breaking news. What terrible timing for them to announce this. They couldn’t wait until I was at my work and ready to post?

Here are the first reactions from our awesome writers:

Jessica: All hands on deck! 450 million 12 years.
Rick: What, I’m driving.
Jessica: Trout!
Chase: Whaaaaat. I’m sick as a dog but feel better now.
Rahul: WHAT. WHAT. (pause). WHAT
Brent (woke up later): Holy Shit! I can’t believe I slept through that.
Jeffrey (even later)” WE DID IT???

That about sums it up. Myself, the writers, and probably all of you reading this were a bit speechless at first. We also belong to an SBN Slack channel and the writers from across the realm had fun with it in a punny way.

Trout Chat & Puns from across SBN:

Stacey Gotsulias [7:22 AM]
Imagine choosing to stay with the Angels for that long.
He’s being underpaid.

Peter Kwasniak [7:25 AM]
*reads news*
Oh. My. Cod!

Adam Dubbin [7:26 AM]
Holy mackerel?

Chris Milz [7:27 AM]
Angels just reeled in the big fish for the long term. Holy hell

Ashley MacLennan [7:28 AM]
Y’all are really fishing for these puns.

Peter Kwasniak [7:29 AM]
Don’t be so salty

Brad Davis [7:29 AM]
I flounder to comprehend what I’m herring (edited)

Al Yellon [7:29 AM]
you are all doing these on porpoise

Peter Kwasniak [7:29 AM]
It’s a grouper effort

Al Yellon [7:30 AM]
one more for the halibut

Adam Dubbin [7:30 AM]
We’re really hooked on these puns.

Brad Davis [7:31 AM]
may need to mullet over before we go on

Mike Carlucci [7:32 AM]
the puns are just for the halibut

Ashley MacLennan [7:32 AM]
Brad might have the catch of the day with his one liners

Adam Peterson [7:32 AM]
i’m not paying market price for these puns

Adam Sanford [7:32 AM]
These puns really aren’t hooking me

Brad Davis [7:33 AM]
they are kraken me up

Peter Kwasniak [7:33 AM]
Ashley wants us to scale things back

Al Yellon [7:36 AM]
hopefully, Trout stays healthy over those 12 years and won’t need a sturgeon

Adam Peterson [7:39 AM]
He’s been with the Angels so long why mess up that comfort? He’s on a California Roll

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks SBN writers for the fun content for this post :)

And of course, we have Twitter reactions:

And there you have it. Some of the best reactions we could find at the moment - but they are constantly rolling in. Not too much out of the mouths of the players yet, but the ink is not yet dry so that may be one reason they aren’t talking yet.

Happy Mike Trout extension day!!