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Mike Trout plants some roots in Orange County

An Angel for life needs a mansion in the clouds

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Announce Mike Trout Contract Extension Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Okay so maybe the Trout’s mansion is not literally in the clouds, but it as at a high point in Newport Beach, near Kobe Bryant’s house, and with amazing ocean and Catalina Island views. If you’ve ever driven on the 73 during a foggy morning, you know that hitting that high point near Newport Beach can be socked in with clouds.

After Mike and Jessica Trout built their dream home in New Jersey, they now snagged a 9 million dollar beauty in Newport Beach. Not sure what they will do with it between October and March, but if they want someone to take care of it and make it looked lived in, I’m available. Or we could move in the entire Halos Heaven staff and film a reality TV show there while they are away for the winter...

Take a look here and a be at least a little bit jealous on how good it is to be a Trout.