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Top 100 Angels: Frank ROBINSON #89

So yeah, I was at the infamous interleague Pine-Tar Game where Frank Robinson, then the manager of the National League's post-Expo Nationals, fell from any perch of esteem I might have ever had for him.

He was on our post-2005 Top 100 Angels List (click that link for an extensive writeup of his Angel days by Rob McMillin of the 6-4-2 Blog) and his on-field accomplishments while wearing a halo still warrant his inclusion on this list.

The most impressive single-season record that Frank Robinson holds as an Angel is his 150 OPS+ in 1973, 7th all time in franchise history. Matt Wech ranks it as the single best season by an Angels DH ever. Robinson's 50 HR ranks 31st all time as an Angel.